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The Agrarian Community

by Patriarch Opa

Our forefathers as they struggled to structure a government that would continue the newly won freedom of the people, and that it should remain in the control of the people, turned to an ancient document which the wise men of antiquities claimed was directly given to them by the God that created the heavens and the earth. The result was a government of the people structured as a hebrew republic, governed by the law of the God of creation. This republic became the most blessed and prosperous nation on earth until that government was changed to a democracy, and trouble began.

The good news is, that same ancient document not only contains a civil governmental structure, but also an ecclesiastical governmental structure, that's so amazing, so inclusive, that it could change agriculture from a deadly disease infested, power grabbing, soul enslaving, corporate industry, to a generational abundant living, double breasted, life enhancing, sustainable family operation that loves the living soil and provide healthy food for people they love.

Here is how these ancient wise men said a congregation should be structured. It's foundation is ten grassroots sovereign families. The fathers govern their families and pass on from generation to generation the works and wonders of the God of creation. The ten families have similar beliefs and needs and become a very tight support group for each other. The families should become transparent with each other, and have the integrity to be at ease while issues are being discussed. The ten families should be in consensus on their area of need and choose a teacher who is wise in that area, and able to teach the God of creation's law pertaining to that need.

Rural America lives in an agrarian community. All the families in their group of ten have a connection to the soil. Their consensus is that the most needful teacher would be a soil scientist. You might wonder; don't we have the best soil scientist in the world? Yes, and the soil scientist that is supplied to the american farmer is employed by the government. Their project is funded by grants from mostly foundations or other corporate giants. The grants are matched with tax dollars, however the foundations reserve the privilege of writing the terms of the study parameters. Sustainable agriculture is not what makes money for a corporate chemical giant. Consequently the agenda for study is new herbicides and pesticides. The grantors also reserve the right to patent new discoveries that the soil scientists have a breakthrough with. Patentable genetically altered seeds and terminator plants are also big revenue for them. The family farm succumbs to control, and is rewarded with subsidies. A whooping seventy percent of a grain farmer's income is derived from tax dollars (Oregon Wheat League publication ). NOT SO!!!! with the family farm the ancients laid out. The soil scientist they choose for their teacher feels their hunger, their pain, their joys, their prosperity, for they gift to him one tenth of each families gross product. This makes his standard of living on the same scale as those he teaches. It empowers the teacher to bring prosperity and health to himself and his sovereign students for generations yet unborn. Sustainable? No! Paradise on earth with "Abundant Living," for this teacher has the ability to tap into the laws of the God of creation, who knows how He made everything to work.

Another ten families forming a ten cell are mostly involved in small family businesses. They decide they need an economist for their teacher. The economy we're under now has a unit of weight measurement for silver called a dollar and a smaller unit of weight measurement for gold also called a dollar. Our economy also has a piece of paper which has been made legal to call "one dollar". A similar piece of paper printed in nineteen thirty four, reads on it's face "Will pay to the bearer on demand lawful money (which is one silver dollar) at the United States treasury or at any federal reserve bank." Today it takes about twenty paper "one dollar" to exchange for "one dollar" of silver. Don't spend to much time thinking about the nineteen dollars out of twenty someone legally stole from you, but think about this ancient document that suggests you choose a wise economist teacher who can't be corrupted by the maize of rules written to say, "If you want a good life, don't see, don't hear, don't think, be entertained. We have surplus billions to keep you in line, Have a nice day." No! this teacher is your neighbor, and the neighbor of nine other families, whose souls are touched with one another's joys or tears. Their children play with your children. Their weights and measures are your weights and measures. Their standard of living is your standard of living, for you gift to them one tenth of your gross product. To gift more corrupts, or to gift less is to steal, for this is the check that empowers him to tap into the laws of the God of creation, which will open the windows of heaven and give abundant life to all who desire it.

Another ten families might feel a teacher of health would benefit them. It appears from these old documents that the God of creation made man to be totally disease free and also symptom free from venomous snakes of sorts. The record indicates that the people departed from the teaching of the way of abundant health, or perhaps the teacher lost contact with the God of creation, in any case, the people had a very high rate of death from snake venom and vicious plagues of disease. The God of creation was moved with mercy and suggested they erect a lessor god that could alleviate the symptoms without them having to walk into the possibilities of abundant health which was there for them. They erected a brass serpent entwined on a pole as the lessor god, as the God of creation suggested. That god is with us today and has become very powerful, claiming that only he can heal, and then only by the method he prescribes. If anyone claims to heal by any other method, they will be eliminated and their houses become a dung hill. As you can see, the teacher of health has a challenge, for the God of creation proclaims we have the possibility of being disease free. The teacher of health will gently guide us to step into that possibility of unending abundant health.

There are many other teachers that can fulfill the needs of the people, such as a teacher of chemistry, microbiology, botany or metallurgy for the miners, The teacher of clean free energy will run into the god of sooty moldy polluting energy with a price tag for the purpose of the enslavement and control of the souls of men.

Well, back to the structure of the ecclesiastical system of the ancients that is so dynamic. The power and responsibility is in the people. Ten families and a teacher make up a cell or mini-congregation which I will call a cell or ten-cell. Ten ten-cells consisting of one hundred families and ten teachers is what I call a centfolious or a congregation or in England's time of prosperity before the state church of England became mandatory, they called it a tenship or township. The ten teachers in a centfolious pick an overseer for themselves. They gift one tenth of the gifts they received to the overseer, who then has the same standard of living as the one hundred families which is a check against corruption. The overseers job is to make sure the education of the people is met, by the sharing freely of the ten teachers in the one hundred family centfolious. When gifting in kind, his job may be to trade one thousand bushels of grain in Kansas, for one of ten cars in Michigan.

That ancient document laid out three structures for government. First and foremost is family government. Second in importance is ecclesiastical government. Third and least important is civil government. Our founding fathers patterned our civil government after this document, but no one bothered to pattern their family and church government after the God of creations suggestion. When we do, we'll have the same prosperity early America enjoyed patterned after the God of creations Law.

Thinking of being a church that makes a difference? Form a hebrew congregation! an ecclesiastical republic, governed by YHWH's Law,the God of creation. Whenever the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did, it worked for them, and it works for me. It will work so well for us,that we will call for our civil hebrew republic back into operation, governed by the Law of the God of creation.