Hebrew Congregation Mission Statement Vision Statement Articles



The Hebrew congregation of the Mt. Sinai Ecclesia has availed itself to serve those people desiring a better more abundant way of life, by their partial or full choice to govern their lives by the instruction given by the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob to Moses.

The church is involved in the enrollment of people to use YHWH's law for their textbook for agriculture and the economics for their business. How to structure for family, ecclesiastical and civil government, and as their guide to relationships, and for their comprehension of YHWH's character.

The church serves to plant the seeds of the sure possibilities of the long awaited Messiah indwelling his people, and to show clearly that YHSH the first born Son and recipient of the double portion, has paid the debt for our redemption, freeing us into YHWH's kingdom of unlimited possibilities of abundant health, transparent relationships & the awesome innumerable realms of higher frequencies that this makes available. Promoting superabundant living today as the example YHSH, as the first inheritor of our Father's wondrous kingdom, governed by His Law, so well demonstrated.

The church has made available Azure Standard (A standard of God's Law) to the people, to provide a choice of healthier food, conforming to the Laws pertaining to a healthier lifestyle.

The congregation has made available to the people Azure Farm (Healthy Food from Healthy Soil) products. Azure (stewarded according to YHWH's Law) Farm (leased from or taxed by the county).

The Hebrew congregation of the Mt. Sinai Ecclesia has made provision for it's active members to title YHWH's land to the church as a substitute measure until the county allows freedom of obedience to the God of Abraham concerning land ownership, at which time the overseer will title such land to YHWH. The stewart of land deeded to the church must at all times be responsible or appoint someone responsible to manage the land according to YHWH's law, all products from the land deeded to the church, land or business of an active member of the church must adhere to the standard of YHWH's law such as; Kind after kind (no GMO), Land sabbath (in sync with the universe), Commit no adultery (no adulteration of food with herbicides, pesticides or growth hormones), Love YHWH with all your heart, soul, strength, mind & thy neighbor as thyself (Love the creator and all his creation having vision for, praying for, working for the most abundant, healthiest & stress free life possible), etc.

The Hebrew church by design of Law, places the responsibilities of governing the church in the hands of the fathers, heads of the home. They are sovereigns by appointment. The congregation divides itself into cells consisting of ten families per cell. The cell fathers appoint a Levite to best fill the needs of those ten families, to comprehend YHWH's Law, empowering them to live a superabundant everyday life.