Hebrew Congregation Mission Statement Vision Statement Articles



To create a society of families involved in ABUNDANT LIVING , the Hebrew Congregation: "ye, are ambassadors, reconciling the world to the Messiah".

Abundant Living Defined:

1.) Embracing the Law given by our creator on Mt. Sinai, to give us an insight of achieving our highest potential.

2.) Knowing YHWH's true character, so we can behold and become His image.

3.) Consenting to the indwelling of the Messiah,which fully enables us.

4.) Parental nourishment of a father & mother in their proper roles, in unity working and raising their children; "Seated together with Him in heavenly places".

5.) Children trained to love YHWH's Law, hence inheriting His character. "Our sons as plants grown up in their youth", "Our daughters as cornerstones polished after the similitude of a palace".

6.) The Hebrew church by design of Law placing the responsibilities of governing the church in the hands of the fathers, heads of the home. They are sovereigns by appointment.

The congregation divides itself into cells consisting of ten families per cell. The cell fathers appoint a Levite to best fill the needs of those ten families, to comprehend YHWY's Law empowering them to live a superabundant everyday life.

The Levite appointed is any one of many gifted and educated in one or more parts of YHWH's diversified Law that pertains to everything He created. The Law pertaining to nutrition, health, economics, soil science, animal health, chemistry, metallurgy, energy usage, hertz-ology, microbiology, etc. Active members of the ecclesia have the services of a Levite (Deacon) in an advisory position for the time it takes to make their project or business productive, by aligning with YHWH's Law which brings blessings.

The Levite chosen, is compensated for being a faithful servant, by receiving one tenth of the gross production of the ten families of the one cell. His standard of living is identical to the congregations in the cell, and as he increases the productivity in the cell he serves, the windows of heaven are opened for the families and him as well. Because the (Levite) deacon's compensation is based on one tenth of the congregation's gross production, the deacon will work at his greatest potential to make those he serves productive, healthy,educated, energetic and industrious. The more prosperous the congregation, the more prosperous the deacon.

This compensation of every tenth item produced is called a tithe. The cell consisting of ten families is also called a tithe. Ten cells or one hundred families is called a tithe-ship and are served by ten deacons. The ten deacons in a tithe-ship serve freely amongst the one hundred active families of the congregation. One cannot serve in the capacity of a Levite (servant) and a steward (sovereign) at the same time.

The ten deacons in a tithe-ship select a bishop to oversee and coordinate their activities and to also make sure every member of the congregation is living abundantly. The deacons give one tenth of the tithe they receive to the Aaronic priest (bishop or overseer).

A team of deacons (Levites) in place in the Hebrew congregation supported by tithes,to "Open the windows of heaven", to bless the ones who support them with their tithes.

A.) A deacon doctor whom the congregation gives the liberty to divulge the laws of the secret of health, hence no disease, pain or suffering.

B.) A deacon agronomist whom the congregation gives the freedom to share the law of soil fertility, so there are no sick garbage (unfit to nourish man) plants predestined to be "devoured"; hence no need for death causing chemicals as pesticides and herbicides. He has freedom to teach not only sustainable agriculture, but that every son sets his foot on more fertile ground than did his father.

C.) A deacon economist teaching the law that it is better to " give than to receive" The economy flourishing because all men know there can be no lack of any thing we need, for "The substance of things hoped for" (needed), is brought into being or tangibility and "evidenced" from the endless field of energy "unseen","by faith" (vision)

D.) A deacon lawyer infusing the minds of the congregation with the law of justice, the law of morality and the law of the creators character written on our heart and mind. "Oh how I love thy law".

E.) A deacon each one a genius in his field of law, as in animal health, microbiology, weights & measure, chemist, metallurgist, education, soil science etc. He having the consent and blessing to explore "comprehend" and share with the congregation of " saints what is the breadth and length, and depth and height" of the "abundant living" which comes from "the love of Messiah which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of " the "God" of Abraham. "Now Unto" "Messiah in you" which is " the power that worketh in us, unto Him be the glory in the church by YHSH Messiah throughout all ages, world without end."

7.) The creator's creation, man, plants, animals, fish & fowl free of stress, fear, confusion & dis-ease.

8.) Orphans and widows living in peace and plenty because justice and judgement abounds among men.